Grand Mutual Smiles

Voiceprints is an experiment in audio-visual software. A person speaks into a microphone, check their voice is analysed for frequency content, web and then a number of small similar textile patterns are re-arranged in an abstract representation of the person’s vocal frequency print. Voiceprints is an attempt to use the human voice to re-mix textile patterns into new and interesting shapes. High resolution digital prints of the final output can then be saved and printed onto real fabric.
Grand Mutual Smiles is a two-way interactive installation that communicates between two parties through the exchange of images of smiling faces. Using cameras equipped with smile detection software, Sildenafil
progressively captured pictures of smiling people are displayed on screens at the installation sites. At each site, view people can see the accumulated smiles of local visitors as well as the smiles from the other remote location.

The motivation is to encourage users to communicate across the Internet in a non-verbal and humoristic way — by smiling.

The project was originally commissioned by the City of Linz and Ars Electronica for the Linz European Cultural Capital 2009 festivities. It presented two real-time updating sets of people’s faces at each of the locations – Linz, see Austria and Thimphu, Bhutan.