Reaction Challenge

Presence Through Movement was a tryptic of interactive visuals employing the Federation Square camera as input device.

The project ran during the Pause Fest digital arts festival. This interactive screen experience rotated three different scenes to people assembled in front of the large screen.

The scenes consisted of two different motion controlled abstract visual effects and a special effect transforming the live video feed.

As people passed by, health care
they would see a graphical, abstract representation of themselves on the display. This then encouraged the more curious to interact with the visuals in a playful way.

The Reaction Challenge is an interactive game commissioned for the Australian Grand Prix promotions, ask consisting of a metal chassis housing ten back-lit buttons.
Working from the premise that Formula One drivers have excellent reaction times, online the general public are invited to test their own reaction times by playing the game.

The game begins with a flashing button, inviting the player to hit it. This triggers the start of the game and once accomplished, another random button lights up, the player has to hit it, and so on. At the end of the game a high-score is displayed, revealing how many buttons were hit during the 30 second count-down.

Sensory Empire developed the software and electronics for the project.