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About Us

Sensory Empire is a design studio focussed on the application of art, design and technology in public space. Specialising in experiential, immersive and interactive installations, Sensory Empire has a breadth of experience working on creative technology projects locally and internationally.

Sensory Empire¬†offers concept development, interaction design, installation and application development, both off-line and on-line. We also specialise in rapid turn around ideation, refinement of briefs and conceptualisation. The earlier you bring us on board to develop your creative-technical installation or experience the better. Often there are both limitations and creative possibilities at the technical level that you don’t want to miss out on. We can take a broad brush-stroke concept and help you refine it into a practical, creative implementation.

Our Capabilities

Concept Development

We can take a broad brush-stroke concept and refine it into a creative implementation complete with full technical specifications.

Software Engineering

Custom built performant software applications for your needs, which a focus on interactivity and social networking.

Sound Design

Audio engineering and digital audio editing and mastering. From sound design and audio effects all the way to electronic music composition and generative sound-scapes.

Custom Electronics

Experiences and installations often benefit from small, low profile controllers and sensors that are not connected to a traditional desktop computer.

Real-time Graphics

Custom real-time graphics and HD video playback. From complex generative visuals to interactive videos we work in both 2D and 3D contexts

Materials & Fabrication

Custom fabrication and selection of the best materials to support experiential installations.

Contact Us

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